Social media marketing in Fremont involves using social media to promote your business. The goal is to increase sales and reputation. It does not mean being primarily on social media, since your business needs its own site for optimal credibility. It does not mean telling everything you do in every moment of your day, as that is more than your potential customers need (or are interested in knowing). So what is involved in effective social media marketing?

It is essential that you have a home base online, with your own domain name. Credibility suffers greatly if your company does not have its own domain name and is, instead, only on other people’s platforms. Domain names are not expensive, and it is well worth the investment. The reason this is important to social media marketing is because when you post something on social media about your company, it gives you a place to which to link that gives them more information.

Since social media is about social interactions, it helps to have your company represented by a person. While your logo can work for this purpose, people are more likely to respond favorably to a person than to a logo, unless your company is already a household name. You also want to talk about things people care about. You don’t want to just ramble about the minutia of your life, but be real and relevant to your business. Don’t be afraid to use humor, but be sure it’s appropriate humor.

Consider your audience. Social media is the perfect place to build relationships. If you can catch the attention of customers who are also bloggers, or they are otherwise popular with many followers, it can be helpful to your business. Be nice and encouraging, not oppositional and trollish. It is always important to treat people with respect. This will result in good relationships with your followers, and probably will also result in increasing followers.

It is difficult to manage multiple social media platforms, so it is best to pick a primary one, at least to begin. See where your customers are – if they spend more time on Google+ than Facebook, you probably want to do the same. Once you are handling one platform efficiently, you can expand, if you want to. Remember, though, that social media can be a time sucker, so planning your marketing strategy is a must. It is easy to get sucked into looking at ‘just one more thing’ and spending a lot more time on the platform than you intended.

Begin with your content. While you need to pay attention to what people say about your company, and responding whenever possible, you also want to be sure to get the information out that you intend to impart. You want your customers and followers to feel like they benefit from following you.

Remember, too, that search engine optimization can also be used with social media marketing in Fremont. Include your keywords when possible within your social media posts.