What Is a Page Title and Why Is It Important

If you use the title to find a book you want in a library, doesn’t it make as much sense to search for the title of a page on the internet? For businesses using search engine optimization in Walnut Creek, it is important to include your keywords in your page title to make it easier for people to find what they want.

The human mind is a veritable computer; it compartmentalizes information and things to make them easier to recall. The internet is much the same. The easiest way to find a book is to recall the title rather than an obscure dialogue. For websites, creating a memorable page title will also help your website stand out and make it easier for people to remember.

Each page on the internet is treated as unique whether it is a standalone page or one that is part of a large website. If you do not have the proper page title on your webpage, you may be losing potential visitors or potential sales. When you do properly title each page of your website, it will help brand your company and make it easier to find your products and services.

When using search engine optimization, Walnut Creek businesses need to understand the importance of titles – not only for web page titles, but throughout their website. For businesses with large product lines, it would be best to create a separate product page for each item or service being sold. Be sure to use a specific page title that includes the product or service name, company name and other important keywords pertaining to the product. Using this strategy for page titles will promote your company and the product or service. It will also help search engines find and index your website based on the proper page title.

Is it really that important to use accurate titles? Think of it this way, if a potential customer is searching on the internet, the page title is going to be the first thing that person sees about your website if they use a search engine like Google or Bing.  Because they are the first thing a potential customer sees, you want to be sure they accurately describe what is on the page.

Page titles should be short but descriptive. You could title your webpage “Smith’s Widgets Company” which would be short, but it wouldn’t draw very many people to your webpage from the search engine. “Smith’s Widgets Company – Voted the Best Widgets in Walnut Creek,” on the other hand, would do a much better job. Remember, however, you want the description to be an accurate description.

Page titles should be specific. If you sell different types of widgets at Smith’s Widgets Company, be sure to include the different types in the page title. Each product is given its own product page so you will want to title to reflect that.

Page titles will display several times on the user’s computer screen. You will first find the page title within the search engine results, across the top of the screen and in the tab at the top of the webpage.

Page titles can drive traffic to your website if you know how to use them properly. Don’t underestimate how powerful they can be. Even though page titles are only a few words, choose those words wisely by making them short, descriptive and specific. This type of title page will also be helpful with search engine optimization for Walnut Creek businesses.