Ways to Improve SEO in Walnut Creek

Search engine optimization (SEO) in Walnut Creek seems like it would be a simple and uncomplicated matter, but sometimes it takes a bit more thought than you might think. Some factors are obvious, while others may not be as intuitive. If you want the best results, consider the things below.

A unique company name will make your business more likely to show up at a higher rank when people search for you. If the name is unique enough, your business may be the only results! Many times people think that adding the city name to their business name will help them to show up more on local searchers, but because many people think of it, there are likely to be many businesses that thought the same way. This leads to a large amount of businesses that show up in a search. It doesn’t hurt to have the city name included, but be sure the company name is a part of the keywords you use on your web site, as well.

If you can get a domain name that includes – or is – your company’s name, that is best. You would especially want your company name as a dot-com, which will definitely be easier with a unique company name.

A web site about your company’s origin, location, services, and products is the next step. Be sure to include contact information. You will also want to ensure that the content you use on each page is high quality and contains keywords that will help potential clients to find you. There are meta tags that will be used – such as the description tags. There are also ones that may be used by smaller search engines – such as keywords – that may still be to your advantage to include. Using the keywords in quality content on the web site will be much more effective than the keyword meta tag, regardless. You will also want to make use of the alt text within image tags. This will both tell search engines what your images are, and can be another way to include relevant keywords.

A blog is a useful tool to add to your company web site, as it helps to keep your content fresh. The blog needs to be part of your site and not hosted on a blog provider’s site. It is helpful to post at least one new blog post weekly. Use keywords within the posts for the best results.

A sitemap lists all the pages on your site, and it links to them all. This allows search engines to index all pages available on your site, and is helpful for visitors to find any pages they want to see.

The point of SEO is to draw in more people. The more people that visit, the better your ranking will probably be. Each feeds off the other. Use social media to encourage visitors to visit your web site, and let your quality content encourage them to share with their friends.

Remember that SEO in Walnut Creek is something that you will need to come back to regularly in order to keep your site ranking where you want it.