Walnut Creek Ranking a Website Strategies Google

Helpful Strategies for Ranking a Website on Google in Walnut Creek

Do you need helpful strategies for ranking a website on Google in Walnut Creek? You may think you have a firm understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) basics. It never hurts to consider new ways to improve your website ranking on Google or the other search engines.

You have your list of keywords for your website, but your competitor is ranking higher using the same keywords. Can you find similar keywords that users may use for searching? Will those new keywords, or synonyms for keywords, help improve your rank?

  • The best way to improve the ranking of your website on Google in Walnut Creek is to add new content regularly. Ultimately it would be best to add new content on a daily basis, however for many online businesses that is not possible. Instead of daily, perhaps you can plan to add new content at least once a week. The more often you add new content, the more often search engines will visit your website and reevaluate it. The more often they visit the better chance your website ranking will improve.
  • When adding new content, be sure that it is relevant to those visiting your website. Be true to your brand but add content that has value for the reader and that they will want to share with others. For example, it makes sense for a car dealership to offer content on financing a vehicle or how to prepare a vehicle for the winter. On the other hand, it does not make sense for that same dealership to offer content about planting a rose garden.
  • Use synonyms for keywords in your content. To find the best synonyms for your keyword, use the tilde (~) symbol before the word or phrase you will search. For example, if your current keyword is “internet marketing” you would search using this instead “~internet marketing.” Using synonyms for your keywords within your content rather than using the same keywords again and again may help improve the ranking of your website on Google for Walnut Creek and the Bay Area.
  • Most people understand that having an incoming link from a website seen as an authority is good for your website ranking. Having external links to those same sites can also help. Websites with .gov or .edu are considered more trustworthy than .net or .org sites. If you can find a way to link to these types of sites that makes sense within your content, it will only help your website.
  • Take advantage of the popularity of social media. Not only is it important to have social media accounts like Google+, Twitter and Facebook, it is also important to create a presence on them. Link your social media accounts to your website. Be sure to use social media icons to make it easier for visitors to visit these sites, as well. Social media is increasingly important for ranking a website on Google so it makes perfect sense to learn to use it effectively.
  • Use graphics on your website and your social media. Google will include images related to a search when returning search engine results. If users click on the image, they will most likely be taken to the original website where the image was found. Images, when combined with icons and links to social media sites like Pinterest, is a win-win proposition.

Remember, when you use any of these strategies for ranking a website on Google in Walnut Creek that Google continues to update their algorithms. Even though these guidelines may help, you will want to stay informed about other Google updates and be open to making other changes.