The Importance of GA

Do you know the importance of using Google Analytics for your business website? Either many people do not know about Google Analytics or they do not understand how to use it. According to the Google Analytics website, it helps to “measure sales and conversions, but also gives you fresh insight into how visitors use your site, how they arrive on your site, and how you can keep them coming back.”

In non-technical language, Google Analytics studies visitor activities on a website and provides a variety of reports designed to help a website owner improve their website. Do you know what parts of your website are the most effective at conversions? Do you know specific areas that perform the worst? If you use Google Analytics, you can learn this and so much more.

Here are some of the tools you get when using Google Analytics

  • Analysis Tools allow you to see the details of your website’s data in a way that is easy for you to understand. You can create custom reports that allow you to see only the data that is most important to you. You set the data you want to analyze, determine how “Visits with Conversions” differ from “Organic Traffic” and how visitors “walk” through your site and interact with the different pages.
  • Content Analytics allow you to determine which content on your website is most popular. See how often people come to your website, how long they remain there and how often they convert from visitors to customers. This information can help you create an enhanced experience when they come to your site.
  • Social Analytics shows you how well your social media campaigns are working. Everyone knows how social the internet has become lately. This tool allows you to calculate the impact using social media has on your conversions as well as seeing the social media outlet used most often by your visitors.
  • Mobile Analytics are important for those businesses that have taken the step and built a mobile website. This tool allows you to see the impact mobile has and whether or not it drives business to your website.
  • Conversion Analytics lets you see how many customers are converting and how many sales you have had as well as how many people have downloaded content from your site, and how many have watched videos if you have them.

What makes these Google Analytic tools so important? They are part of an entire package designed to help you make the most of your advertising dollars. You can learn what you need to know so you can make improvements that will increase sales and conversions.

One of these tools by itself may give you a small idea of changes you need to make. Together, however, they provide a clear, complete picture of how well your advertising efforts are working. Now that you know all that it does, do you understand the importance of Google Analytics?