Steps to Improve Your Visibility for Multi-device Searches

Search engine optimization in the Bay Area or other surrounding cities is an unbelievably important element for any web site in today’s world. If a business is to be as visible to its targeted consumers as possible, it has to be knowledgeable about this area of marketing. Additionally, it is no longer enough to be optimized only for Google on a PC. People are now searching the web from iPhones, tablet computers, and even e-readers, along with the standard PCs and Macs.


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Marketing company researchers have found that searches from desktops are actually declining, especially as a percentage of total searches. Mobile device searches now account for nearly a quarter of all searches. Mobile searches are also more likely to result in action than desktop searches, with purchases made by about 17% of searchers, and 25% visiting a retailer’s web site. Based on these statistics, it only makes sense to pay attention to where the consumers are making purchases and prepare for searches from a range of devices.


The first thing that will improve visibility is to have a mobile-optimized web site. While the business’s usual web site is great for desktop and laptop users, it will not show up accurately (and sometimes will be almost totally inaccessible) on a tablet or smart phone. A site that is easy to use on a mobile device will cause people to stay longer and possibly even make a purchase.  It is important to note the flow of the site, as a user who is interrupted by ads requiring interaction is more likely to get frustrated and leave the site.

Be sure to use titles that are both relevant and descriptive. The titles are one of the things that search engines will see, so these need to show what is actually on the pages in order to be most effective. This is especially important in sites optimized for mobile devices, as less information fits well on a page, and therefore it is important for all the information there to be useful and relevant.

If the business has a mobile app, be sure to have a landing page on the site for the app, so it will show up in the search engines. Too many businesses forget this important strategy, resulting in consumers searching a major search engine for a business’s app and finding only results from itunes and the news – which may have negative reviews showing – and not the app itself.

This leads to another issue: is it better to have a mobile web site or a mobile app? A business can choose either one, or both. Whichever is chosen, it is imperative to pay attention to search engine optimization for your Bay Area business to be visible in mobile search results and for multiple devices.

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