Social Media Benefits SEO for Bay Area Businesses

Search engine optimization (SEO) in the Bay Area was not difficult back when search engines were less complicated. However, new algorithms and reordering of priorities for results have caused a change in methods. It used to be that just having keywords and appropriate links pointing to your site were all you needed, but while those things can still have an impact, your business’s relationships are more important, as is having a readily recognizable identity. These can be enhanced through the use of social media.

An example of how identity and relationships play into marketing would be a person who randomly walks up to a stranger and wants to take him several blocks away to see some awesome new coffee shop. A random stranger is not likely to be willing to walk several blocks with someone they don’t know to see something. They don’t know the person or the person’s motives so they will stay put. However, if the same person ran across a friend in the street and they suggested the same excursion, it is very likely that the two would go buy a coffee together, because of identity and relationship.

Some people think that links on social media are not helpful for SEO, because most of them use redirect URLs which do not allow tracing the link back to its origin. Despite this, links on social media will increase your traffic, and interested people will link in other places that will count. This will likely bring in more interested people. Word of mouth is a powerful tool, and that is the tool that comes into play when your links get posted on social media sites.

Bing and Google both insist that likes on Facebook and +1s on Google+ do not contribute to their rankings. But when a link is getting positive clicks on social media, they are probably getting positive reviews in other realms as well. Search engines do pay attention even if they say the social links aren’t that important. When you include search engine optimization to your social media posts, you may notice a rise in your website rankings on search engines.

When you have established relationship through social media, your followers there will become your targeted audience. Because you know they are already interested in your business, your updates and articles will reach them and their friends more readily due to the identity and relationship that you have in place. They are likely to pass on the information to others who may pass it on again.

Remember, though, that while relationships and identity are key factors in SEO, they are not the only ones. Standard SEO practices should still be followed. Making your content high quality and easy to access are also key factors in excellent SEO in the Bay Area.