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Social Media can engage your Bay Area prospects and customers

smoEmpowerment and engagement are the driving forces behind social media. Someone, somewhere online is talking about your product or service; you may not evenSocial Media Optimization be aware. Whether or not your company or brand is mentioned, there are definitely valuable nuggets of feedback, information, suggestions and more that can help you accelerate levels of customer engagement.

Social media is dynamic

Anyone with an Internet connection can share their message with the world. This is perhaps the biggest reason why social media has gained such importance. It involves people and it gives them power – the power to voice their opinions and the power of knowledge that comes from gaining insights and feedback. To your advantage, social media is dynamic and flexible in nature compared to other traditional media. Not only can it change with time and be edited as required by the author (or sometimes by a community of users), it can also be shared, archived and indexed by search engines.

SMO – the perfect addition to your marketing toolkit

Social media adds a whole new range of tools to your marketing toolkit that you can use to target specific audiences, consumer groups, employees or stakeholders. Here are some quick facts in 2009:

  • Facebook already has over 250 million active users.
  • Close to a 1.5 million new blog posts a day are tracked on Technorati.
  • YouTube serves 100 million videos a day.

You can use any of these tools and more to find out detailed information about the habits, likes and preferences of your target audience, users and employees.

Listen carefully to the voices on the Web so you can get real, unadulterated feedback. You could even get a peek into what your competitors are up to. All of this is invaluable information that can help you enhance your offering and communicate more effectively with your audience.

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