Simple Guidelines for SEO in San Jose

Trying to figure out SEO for San Jose businesses can be frustrating. Using these simple guidelines, it is possible to help increase the rank of your website on search engines. Take a look and see if there are any you’re not currently doing that can be implemented on your website.

Small businesses often have a harder time with search engine optimization because they don’t have the same budget as larger companies. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use the same ideas that provide the increased page rank. You can find many tips for SEO in San Jose on the internet with a simple search, but the following are some tried-and-true tips any small business can use.

  • Linking pages internally makes it easier for search engines to move from page to page within your website. Ease of movement, and a natural flow to the pages, is accomplished by internal links from one page to another. This will help not only search engine ‘spiders’ navigate your website, but readers, as well, without having to search for a sitemap to get where they want to go. As an added benefit, if a visitor can find what they want with internal links, they are more likely to stay on your website rather than leaving it to search for another web page.
  • Ask for external links to your site. The saying goes that no man is an island unto himself. The same is also true for small businesses. If you work with suppliers or clients, ask them to write an article, testimonial or review of your business on their own website that includes a link to your website. Your website, of course, could reciprocate and provide a similar review or testimonial for them. Because this would be a link from an external source that endorses your website, search engines will view this differently than an internal link.
  • Include a resource page. Depending upon your business, a resource page could include instructions or ‘how-to’ information for your products, videos tutorials demonstrating different uses for a product you sell, a glossary of terms that are important for customers if you provide a service rather than a physical product, or audio files and transcripts of presentations your company has provided. Think outside of the box; anything that you would find helpful someone else is likely to find helpful, as well. When you do create resources, be sure to include your main keywords within the titles to help with SEO for your San Jose business.
  • Create a business blog. Businesses are realizing more and more the importance of creating a business blog not only to help keep customers informed, but also for SEO purposes. Create a writing schedule and maintain it. Having regular, fresh content on a blog will encourage search engines to ‘crawl’ your website more often. If you aren’t comfortable writing the content yourself, you can ask someone in your organization to create new content or outsource it.
  • Be sure to use alt image tags on photos or graphics. Search engines can only read text, so leaving off alt image tags means you’re overlooking a valuable place to add keywords. While the alt image tag isn’t viewable to readers, the description is readable by search engines. When you write the description, include the keyword to maximize its effectiveness.

Obviously these guidelines are not exhaustive. You can find many more from SEO experts and the search engines themselves. However, if you are consistent in how you use these guidelines, you can expect to see an improvement in your websites rankings on Google and other search engines. Use these tips for SEO for your San Jose business website and watch it move up the search engine page rankings.