SEO San Jose – Why Conversions Matter

Search engine optimization (SEO) in San Jose is important for driving traffic to your company website. However, businesses want to make a profit. Instead of focusing your attention on obtaining higher website ranking, you may also want to begin focusing on SEO for conversions.

It is important to use SEO to help visitors find your website. When you first start a new website that is what your focus should be. After your website is established and has regular traffic to it, you want to see some of those visitors become customers. This is where conversion-focused SEO comes into play.

The following are some adjustments you can make to your current search engine optimization efforts:

  • Using Google Analytics, assign a dollar value for different keywords and keyword categories. These will be converted to a dollar value. You’ll want to track advertising campaigns, but you can also track traffic to specific URLs from here as well.
  • Confirm that each page is listed as an initiator. Analyze the content and be sure to optimize the page.
  • You will also want to customize target verticals proportions. Decide what is most important as user segments and then sort them according to offerings.
  • Review the titles and descriptions for all web pages. Consider how they will look on the search engine results page (SERP) listing. Users often follow links based on the information in these two areas. If they aren’t optimized, you may be losing organic traffic to your website.
  • Take time to review internal links. Rather than thinking just how the linking is done on the page, consider the overall flow of the website from a visitor’s standpoint. What is most logical, effective and appealing to someone on your site? Use the answer to help you link your pages accordingly.
  • Develop your targeted keywords based on those that convert best. If you are concerned with return on investment (ROI), and what business isn’t, you may want help from a company that understands search engine optimization in San Jose like Bay Area Online Marketing.
  • Remember that a visitor may come to your website several times before they decide to click through for a conversion. Set up the analytics for your site to show which keywords or links produce the most conversions. You will have those that drive traffic and those that are used as the last link prior to conversion.
  • Even though you may be having success with your SEO efforts, look for new keywords or niches that pertain to your current products or services. Break your current niche into a micro group for specific advertisements and see if that brings in more conversions.

The above ideas may be more in-depth than you are used to dealing with but they can have an impact on your conversions. Ultimately, since you’re in business to make money, it is conversion and not ranking that can make all the difference when using search engine optimization in San Jose.