Search engine optimization (SEO) for San Ramon businesses is an important part of marketing on the internet. One factor that can often make or break your SEO efforts is keywords and keyword density. Keyword density has to do with how often a key word or phrase is used in the content you provide.

There is a recommended repetition rate for keywords, and that includes using them in the title of the page, its URL if possible, headings, twice in the body of content (first paragraph and last, preferably), and in the meta “description,” “keyword,” and “title” tags. It is also useful to include it in link text, alternate text for images, and wherever else it will fit well and add to the content in a meaningful way.

What is most important when you are considering how many times to repeat your keywords is readability. If a user will get bogged down or turned away by how many times you include keywords in your content, your SEO for your San Ramon business is futile. The point is to encourage visitors to find and read your site. If they get annoyed, they will not only leave the page, many will also tell others not to bother with your site.

It is recommended that you keep your keyword density to less than 5% of your entire total content. More than that and you risk being marked a keyword spammer by major search engines, and visitors will not be willing to slog through the overload of keywords on the page. It is even better if you can use the word or phrase just enough to make it stick in the minds of your visitors without making them realize that you are targeting that particular word or phrase.

What you want to have is your keyword in your page description (the meta tag) in such a way that those searching for that keyword will be enticed to click through to see what else you have to say on the subject. If a reader sees it and expects it to be informative and useful, it is likely the reader will click through to find out what you have to say.

Other considerations to be sure your target audience will find your page include making sure you have good quality content that includes usable information. Google, in particular, has beefed up their algorithms to provide results that match the searcher’s intent as closely as possible.  Making sure the keyword shows up at the top of your page – in a title or headline – will help the reader to know that the page chosen matches the search.

In short, it is best to keep keyword saturation for your efforts in SEO in San Ramon to 3-5% at most, and they are a part of good, readable content that visitors will want to read and share with others.