SEO Fremont – SEO Trends to Keep an Eye On in 2014

Using search engine optimization on your Fremont website is something that every business needs to consider. Every year, things change and sites need to be reevaluated and re-optimized to keep up with the changes. There are often trends that can be pinpointed to keep an eye on in your efforts to improve your website ranking.

One area where changes are made regularly is Google’s algorithms. Most people have heard of Panda and Penguin, and most recently, Hummingbird. These updates change how Google ranks websites. Knowing something about how they affect your ranking can help you to improve that ranking. The main thing Hummingbird does is begin looking at the overall context of the search query rather than individual words.

Google does regular updates, at increasing frequency through 2012, with a steep drop into 2013. 2014 is likely to have more updates again, though we will have to wait and see when they are announced.

The fact that mobile devices are becoming more popular means that website owners need to plan to include SEO for mobile devices. Since 61% of cell phones in the US are smartphones, and users of these often visit websites, it helps to have a responsive design that will adjust for the device used to access it. This will allow search engines to return the proper results from your site regardless how people are looking for it.

Another aspect of mobile devices being used more often is that search engines are now using location-based searching. Your site can be optimized to take advantage of this by including your location by city, county, state, or region (or all of these).

Google, especially, is also increasingly offering personalized results. Since so many of Google’s products are intertwined, what users do through Google’s sites affect the results they see when searching. Therefore, when you interact more with your clients, they are more likely to see results from your site when searching.

Social media is becoming a big player in searching and ranking, as well. Having a presence on social media that promotes your company, product, or service is an advantage in ranking. Along with Facebook and Twitter, which are referenced often, there are also the popular alternates that include Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Things that affect your ranking include likes, shares, comments, and followers.

Authorship is also becoming an important part of ranking, as Google has begun ranking, not just the content it finds, but also the author of that content. Micro-data added to websites can be helpful with this ranking, and that includes author names, product information, reviews, music, and other things.

Above all, the thing that will always have the biggest impact on your ranking is quality content. If you want to have the best results with your search engine optimization in Fremont, make sure your site has the best quality content in its field.