SEO San Ramon – Helpful Hints for SEO Writing

When you need to update your website and want to be sure to use good SEO in San Ramon, you will need to know some things about writing for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). These hints may be of use to you in your SEO writing efforts.

  • Do your research.

The Google algorithm changes regularly (you may have heard of the recent updates, known as Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird), and other search engines have their own ranking systems. Finding out their systems and making use of what you learn can only help you.

  • Use meta tags.

While some would say that meta tags are no longer being used for SEO, some of them still show up in search engine results. For example, the title tag is what most search engines use as the name of your site. The description tag is the one that many search engines use underneath the title. The keyword tag is used by some search engine to index keywords for your site, and the H1 header tag also carries some weight. Be careful not to overdo any of these tags, however, as the algorithms are written to denigrate excessive use of keywords and meta tags to help limit spam.

  • Use keywords.

The keyword tag is not used by all search engines, but judicious, natural use of keywords will go a long way toward getting your site listed where you want it to be. Natural use is important, because antispam measures will cause sites with simple keyword lists to be listed at a lower ranking than pages with good quality content, which brings us to the next hint.

  • Write quality content.

Know your audience, and what it is you want them to know. Start with a rough draft without giving any consideration to keywords, making your information relevant and unique. Once you have your content written, read back through it. Make sure it flows well; read it aloud if you are not sure and you will be able to hear if there are any areas that need work. This is where you make sure the keywords you want to use are included. To avoid overuse of keywords, use synonyms as well as the original keywords.

  • Use tools to check your work.

If you are not confident in your spelling and grammar skills, make use of a spell-check or grammar check program. There are also tools available to check for duplicate content (to be sure your content is not a copy of someone else’s) and to check keyword density.

  • Think about connections.

Search engine optimization is not only about content, even though that is, of course, the primary consideration. Search engines are also watching for reputation, trust, and authority. This is based on links, likes, and shares throughout the internet and especially on social media.

Keeping in mind the hints and tips mentioned here can be of help to your efforts to improve your website’s SEO in San Ramon.