SEO Livermore – Create a Successful SEO Strategy

SEO Livermore – Create a Successful SEO StrategyWhen you are examining your options in an effort to create a successful strategy for SEO in Livermore, one of the main factors to consider is keywords The whole point of search engine optimization is to get your site to be in the top results when users search for certain keywords – and if you don’t know which keywords those are, you will not be able to optimize your site to rank on them.

Choose 10-15 keywords that are closely associated with your business’s niche. You can refine these with the help of Google’s Keyword Tool. Enter your potential keywords and see what it recommends that would best fit your company. Put the list in order based on your preferences or priorities. This list will need to be reviewed and adjusted regularly to keep your site fresh.

Once you have your list written and arranged, you can begin creating content. Each keyword chosen should have its own focused page to promote it, as it usually is not effective to try to rank one page on a variety of keywords. Two things about this content: firstly, it must be relevant and useful, and secondly, it will work better if you use a unique perspective as well as unique wording. People will look at a page about a “cheap product” or a “quality product” as just another advertisement about a product, but a page about “15 Amazing Uses for This Common Product” is likely to get visitors who will not only enjoy it, but also share it, if the content is engaging.

A blog is an excellent addition to an SEO strategy, as long as you post on it at least once a week. Write to your audience, while including keywords, for the best results. Each blog post is a page, so a page that interests people and includes your keywords is going to have a better effect on your overall SEO strategy than one that is dull and boring and all about the keywords. It may also help to allow comments (though you will want to be vigilant about reviewing them) and get your visitors’ input. This kind of user-generated content is also a plus for search engine optimization.

It will be of help to your business site if you will claim the pages about your business on such sites as Google+ Business and Bing Places for Business, include your website URL on them.  Check your reviews on sites like Yelp and make sure your site is linked from them, as well. Be sure to answer reviews that need attention.

Link-building can also be improved through sharing pages and posts on the popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. Talk to other related businesses about swapping links, to help both businesses. Posting news items or other current events items can help, especially if your perspective is unique and is picked up by a larger media entity.

Track your SEO results, using a tool like Google Analytics or simply a spreadsheet on your computer. Follow up with adjustments when needed to keep your strategy up to date for SEO for your Livermore business.