SEO for Bay Area Businesses – Get in the Marketing Game for Less

SEO for Bay Area Businesses – Get in the Marketing Game for Less

In order to get a clear understanding of why search engine optimization is so important to Bay Area businesses, let’s consider some facts about search engine traffic. According to, there were over 6,000 million searches performed between all of the search engines collectively in just one month of the year 2006. Over the past four years traffic has picked up even more and that number has easily doubled for most months of 2010.

There are literally hundreds of millions of searches being performed online every single day with many of them being directed not toward finding online businesses but local businesses. If you knew how heavy search engine traffic is today but assumed the bulk of it was directed toward finding products to purchase online, you have something new to learn here:

  • Most people go online to research products and read reviews prior to making a final purchase. They could find your business during that search if you were using the services of a San Ramon search engine optimization expert!
  • Many people will go online to research a local business to see what their prices are, what services or products they offer, and where they are located. If you aren’t using Danville search engine optimization services on your professional website, you will never be found and they will go with your competition (who is probably online, go ahead and Google them to check).
  • Local businesses who advertise their location through directed search engine optimization see an increase in inquiries, store visits, and sales.
  • Businesses that offer some type of product or service online are able to reach a larger portion of their target market through east bay area search engine optimization than businesses that only operate offline.

Are you starting to see why the excessive search engine traffic today is so important to your local business? Maybe you have operated offline exclusively in San Ramon, Danville, or Pleasanton for generations, but if you aren’t expanding to the online market in some capacity you will not be competitive in your industry for much longer. You know it’s important to stay one step ahead of the competition, but you may not have realized that using search engine optimization and increasing your online exposure is the best way to do that in today’s market.

So, what exactly is search engine optimization and how does it benefit your east bay area business? Search engine optimization simply involves establishing a web presence for your company and letting the world know that you exist. You do this by including keywords on your website and promoting those keywords in relation to your business website, onsite as well as offsite. When you do this those millions of people searching for products and services that you have to offer will find you when they perform their searches.

At this very moment hundreds if not thousands of people are using a wide variety of search engines to look for something you could provide them. What do you think the chances are of them actually finding you? What are the chances they will find your competitor down the street? If you aren’t online with an established web presence through professional search engine optimization, then in all likelihood they will find your competitor and you will be on the losing end of the deal.