Search Engine Optimization in Danville – How Can It Help My Company?

When the goal of search engine optimization for your Danville business’s web site is to increase company visibility, contacts, or sales, there are some things you need to remember. These factors are important whenever you want to improve your search engine ranking, but especially helpful for company websites.

The point of search engine optimization (SEO) is to make your site show up near the top of the results when a potential customer searches for keywords related to your company – hopefully at least on the front page, or top ten. This can determine whether your business succeeds or fails in today’s world, where few people turn to the yellow pages any more, preferring instead to search up their desires on their smartphones, tablets, or computers.

Choosing which keywords to focus on can be an intimidating task. Begin by examining the products, services, and purpose of your business. These, and your location if you primarily serve local customers, are the most important. For example, if your company sells purple widgets, and is based in Danville, then your best keywords will probably be “purple widgets, Danville.” If your widgets are different sizes and colors, then focusing on “widgets, Danville” will be better, but it is important to determine a niche in which your business will fall, to encourage the most customers possible to find your website. In other words, while broad categories will help some, being specific will help more. An electronics company will see results from using keywords such as “computers, tablets, hardware, software” and the like, but greater results are likely when using such keywords as “Asus, Acer, iPad, keyboards, mouse, hard drives, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, TurboTax, Quickbooks” and similar keywords. People often look for specific information rather than broad categories.

One thing that will aid your company in its SEO efforts is choosing a domain name that includes your company name, location, and a primary keyword. If your company sells purple widgets in Danville, and is named “Widgville,” a good domain name might be – because it contains the most important keywords a potential visitor might use. It is important for a business to use its own name for a domain name whenever possible, because it increases credibility. If your company is “Spies Are Us,” but your domain name is, people may think it could be a scam.

Remember that the most important part of SEO is providing good, quality, useful content on your site. Even if your SEO draws people to the site, they will neither stay nor share the site if you do not offer quality content. All the search engine optimization in Danville will fail if your site’s content is not kept fresh and high quality.