PPC and SEO in San Jose Go Hand-in-Hand Effectively

When first starting to develop an online marketing plan, some companies will choose either pay per click (also known as PPC) or search engine optimization, or SEO in San Jose. They may not realize that the two can be used effectively together.

Using a pay per click campaign was more popular as a means of advertising or online marketing in the past. Recently, many companies have shied away from PPC because they aren’t sure of its effectiveness. They don’t see that the money budgeted for a PPC campaign has been worth the expense. They haven’t seen the increased traffic to their website or noticed new customers as a result of these efforts.

Today, experts in SEO in San Jose are incorporating the use of PPC as part of their comprehensive search engine optimization plan. By combining the two, these experts are seeing that they truly do go hand-in-hand and can do so effectively. PPC can increase website traffic as well as increase the business’ brand recognition. On the other hand, SEO is not something individuals think about except during their online searches, but it is very important for ranking a website on Google or other search engines.

Recent changes to search engine algorithms have made using ‘tricks’ to garner attention on search engines more difficult. Links back to a website or adding a website to a number of registries is no longer as effective as it once was. Instead, websites need to use quality content that is updated regularly as well as natural searches from users. Experts in SEO in San Jose and the surrounding cities can still provide a valuable service. They understand the various tools available to help search engine ‘crawlers’ find your website and how to use them to help your website on search engines.

Experts in PPC still maintain that the right pay per click campaign for San Jose area businesses can increase traffic as well as revenues earned through the internet, or e-commerce. Today, these campaigns are able to pinpoint a specific group of people by placing high-quality advertisements that will engage the reader and be relevant to them. PPC campaigns will use the same or similar keywords as search engine optimization, so it makes sense to use them together.

Social media is also playing a larger role, both for SEO purposes and PPC advertisements. PPC ads placed on social media platforms helps boost traffic to a website as well as provide income for each click of the advertisement. How does a company use social media for SEO? They share information with their followers, growing a community of people who are already interested in their products or services, who willingly share information about the company which also increases the potential number of people exposed to the company.

Most companies that offer services related to SEO in San Jose also understand how to effectively use PPC. In fact, a company like Bay Area Online Marketing will take the time to learn about your SEO and PPC needs and develop a comprehensive plan that will incorporate the two to help you meet those goals.