Mobile App Development

Increase Business Visibility, Accessibility, and Productivity

In the recent past, only large corporations were able to afford the development of mobile applications (or apps). Today, more people use mobile devices, and app usage has grown even faster. It simply makes sense for small and midsized businesses (SMBs) to take advantage of developing mobile apps.

Mobile-Apps-BusinessBenefits of Investing in Mobile Apps for Small and Midsized Businesses
What are the benefits of SMBs investing in mobile apps? Here are four specific benefits to know more about:

    1. Increased Customer Engagement
    2. Be Visible to Customers All the Time
    3. Stand Out from Competitors
    4. Build Brand Recognition

Increase Customer Engagement
As a small or midsized business, be sure customers can reach you even outside of business hours. Include a Help Desk or messaging feature on an app and customers can reach out when the need arises. An app allows them to connect with you no matter the time of day or day of the week.

Mobiles apps are quick and easy to use right on your mobile device. They offer seamless experiences with their ability to work Offline and Online. Mobile-friendly websites are a must-have these days for any SMB, but mobile apps provide the additional benefit of being available without the internet connection.

mobile-deviceBe Visible to Customers All the Time
Average Americans spend two or more hours a day on a mobile device! Take advantage of that time by creating an app that is helpful for your customers. Since mobile users see your app as they search, it could be helpful for your business.


Stand Out from Your Competitors
SMBs rarely have apps for customers. There’s no reason why your company can’t develop one. Current and potential customers will be impressed that you have an app. Be the first SMB to have an app in the area.

Build Brand Recognition
Having an app can help with brand recognition. Expect customers to recognize your logo or catch-phrase used by your business. Increase brand and recognition in the following ways:

      • Brand – Include a company logo or catch-phrase on the app and app description. Your mobile app is a blank billboard, develop it however you choose.
      • Recognition – The goal is to get customers to use and be involved with your app. Once this happens, they will be more likely to purchase your products or your services.

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Here are a few of the mobile apps we have worked on for customers

BYD Live


The BYD: Live app –  Pregnancy Counseling App – This application is used in pregnancy counseling to provide information and guidance to pregnant women and their significant others. The app was developed to work on tablets with screens that are 9 inches or larger.

BYD Mobile


The BYD: Mobile app – Pregnancy Counseling App – This application is used in pregnancy counseling to provide information and guidance to pregnant women and their significant others. The app was developed to work on smart phones using IOS or Android platforms.




ESEA Network (formerly National Title I Association) – Pre-conference attendees can sign up for sessions, see exhibitors, and plan out their event attendance.  When on-site at the event, attendees can rate sessions, request more information from exhibitors, see related session supporting presentation documents, and also fill out session surveys.

Farm Tracking System  – This app uses various technologies to track jobs and activities of farming employees in real time.

Meal and Calorie Tracking System – This app uses specific tracking technology to enable users to quickly and easily track their food intake.

Internal Employee Messaging System – This app is very similar to WhatsApp but was built for a large fast food chain franchisee to allow employees and management to message and interact.

Employee Intake Forms – This app allows new employees to complete and sign their initial paperwork for this large fast food chain franchisee.

Multi-Function Printer Configurator – This app enables sales staff to show configuration and options in real-time to customers for large multi-function printers.