New Year s Resolutions

As a business owner, you can learn more about ranking your website on Google. Why is ranking your website on Google so important? Consider this: when you want to learn about something what do you do? You head to Google or another search engine to see what you can find on the internet. Multiple millions of people use the internet each day. If they are searching for what your business offers, doesn’t it make sense to put the power of Google to work for you?

In the not-so-distant past, if you wanted to access the internet, you had to sit in front of a desktop computer in a stationary location. Today, you can access the internet from your telephone, a tablet, a netbook, a laptop and perhaps, before too long, a watch on your wrist. If you are on the go, you can take the internet with you. With so many ways for people to spend time online, it is a wise business move to make sure your business website ranks well on Google. Here are some things to consider when you try to achieve higher search engine rankings.

  • SEO – Search engine optimization is a method used by website designers to increase a website’s ranking on popular search engines. You can accomplish this through keywords and keyword phrases that users typically search to find information on a topic, in an effort to increase a website’s traffic and potential sales.
  • SMO – Social media optimization is a method used to increase your company’s presence on social media networks with the hope of increasing business and traffic to your business website. SMO uses sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others to create a social buzz about your website through social networking platforms.
  • Pay-Per-Click Campaign is a way to drive potential customers to your website by advertising with text, banner and/or video ads on popular search engines or their partner websites. Consider seeking the help of an online marketing group to help you understand and benefit from this tool.
  • Webmaster tools and Google analytics are comprehensive tools that provide detailed reports for each page of your business website. These tools allow you to see problems the search engine might have crawling and indexing your website, see which internal and external links are most effective and so much more. If you are not using these tools, you could be losing potential profits.
  • Local searches can be the difference between ranking your website high on Google or not ranking well. Even though the internet is accessible by the world, do not neglect local interest in your business. Be sure to include local information such as a physical address, telephone number and directions on how to find your company.

You understand how ranking on the first page of Google can be a huge benefit for your business. Having a high page ranking means people will be able to find you easily, which could translate to more business and higher profits. The closer your website is to the top of the page, the better it is.

Even though the New Year has started in earnest, you can still benefit by ranking your website on Google. Ask the experts at Bay Area Online Marketing to help you achieve the results you desire.