New Link Building Strategies

Do you understand the new link building strategies for smaller budget businesses? Unlike large businesses like Nike or CNN, most businesses in Danville do not have a large budget to devote to marketing. The marketing they do has to be focused and effective so they don’t waste money. Read further to understand the benefits of using these strategies.

First, rather than focusing entirely on getting links to your website, consider the importance of building a mutually beneficial relationship. By establishing a relationship with someone influential, and with a large social network, there will be more opportunities to share your company, products and website with others. The more influential people you are networked with, the wider the area your business can travel.

When it comes to links to your Danville business website, it is important to realize the links back must be high quality. Most links back will help, but the high quality links are most valuable. Try to focus on the following:

  • Look for links from local higher quality websites with .edu or .org extensions. Governmental and city websites also fit this criterion.
  • Look for websites that offer a discount to people coming to their site from specific websites. For instance, a local jewelry store may collaborate with a company that buys unwanted gold. Alternatively, a local gas station may become partners with a mechanic shop. Gas customers could receive a discount at the mechanic shop for every $250 they spend on gasoline.

It is vital that the link from a website is relevant to your landing page. In other words, if your business manufactures bicycles, it does not make sense to have a link to your website coming from a jewelry store. However, if you have a link coming from the most recent Tour De France winner singing your bicycle’s praises, it would definitely be relevant!

You can also generate links back to your website through social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are all networking sites that are friendly to business owners. In fact, establishing a presence on these sites can be a boon for businesses in Danville. Comment on articles, join in the conversations and follow new users that are related to your business. Not only does it connect you with people, by using a signature with a link back to your website, you are providing high quality links back. Google now ranks these links with a higher ranking, so they potentially can improve your website rankings quicker.

Obviously, you want to connect with the right people but that is not always the easiest thing to do. Establish connections with people who will benefit most from what you have to say. If they receive a benefit, they will be more likely to share with their network.  If you promote others, they may reciprocate which makes it a win-win situation for both of you.

Be sure it is easy for others to share your blog posts, articles, video or audio content. Place a button near the content that will make it easy for people to tweet, add to Facebook or other social networks. If the buttons are readily available, people will use them when they want to share what you have posted.

Building quality links back to your website is not necessarily hard, but it does take time, effort and perseverance. However, when you use the new link building strategies for smaller budget businesses, it is possible to see upward movement on the major search engines.