Measure Success With SEO in Livermore

Normally, businesses measure success by profit. But how do you measure success when using search engine optimization for Livermore websites? What type of business you’re in and what your business objectives are for your website may make a difference. However, most business websites will measure their SEO campaign success by three things: their website ranking on search engines, how much traffic they receive and the number of conversions they have.

Ranking your website on search engines

Studies have shown that websites that are ranked on Google’s first page will receive over 90% of all traffic. It is no wonder reaching the first page of Google is one of the measures of a website’s success. By tracking the keywords you use, you can develop a search engine optimization strategy for your Livermore website that will get the most attention on search engines and provide the most positive results.

How does this concept work? If you have a list of 20 or more keywords for your website and they all rank on Google’s first page except four. You know it will take more effort on your part to optimize the keywords to help them reach the first page, as well. You may, instead, find that the keywords that aren’t doing well are being used by many websites and are therefore too competitive. Instead of spending the time, effort and possibly money to reach the first page, it may be better to focus on the other keywords that are doing well and let those four go.

Determining how much traffic your site gets

Once you have tracked the keywords, however, you also want to understand whether reaching the first page of Google actually translates into added traffic to your website. Track the new visitors that arrive at your site from organic searching – that is, traffic to your website that comes from common or popular usage of the term rather than paid advertisements. If your SEO efforts are successful, you should note an increase over time.

How much traffic can you expect to your website? That depends on the group your business targets. If your business sells services or products that are specialized, it is likely you will have fewer organic search results than a company that sells products or services nationwide. Keep this in mind when you try to determine if your campaign for search engine optimization in Livermore is successful.

Determine your conversion rate

This may be the one area that most businesses are concerned with knowing, especially when determining whether a campaign for SEO in Livermore is a success.

  • What is your goal? The goal of increasing leads will produce different results than a goal of making sales. If your website receives more goals, whether or not you’ve made a sale, the goal has been met and the SEO campaign is successful. However, if the goal is to make sales and all you’ve accomplished is to obtain links, the results are not successful.
  • Realize that all visitors to your website may not be ready to make a purchase during their first visit. Some experts say it takes people up to seven attempts before people will make a purchase. Perhaps the conversion is not a purchase right away but someone who has shared about your website on social media, signed up for a newsletter, or performed a different action at your website. These types of conversion should be included in your measurement, as well.

Tracking these areas may help you measure whether your SEO campaign is successful. It also helps you learn what works, what doesn’t and possibly how to make changes to future search engine optimization in Livermore campaigns.