While many businesses have mostly figured out basic search engine optimization, managing local SEO in Fremont and other areas is a bit more complicated. Since a large portion (about 75%) of people click on the top five results when searching, it is important to do your best to get your site’s ranking as high as possible, and especially for local businesses.

People may assume that they need to get their business web site into local business directories, this is only a part of the equation, and is actually not one of the major factors in increasing the web site’s ranking. However, it does help to have your business listed with the proper local directories, and to make sure that your site is optimized for specific locations (your neighborhood) instead of just a general location (your city).

There are some things to consider that will aid your efforts to improve your local search engine rankings. Considering the following areas will be helpful.

NAP+W accuracy online. NAP+W means Name, Address, Phone number, + Website. Wherever your business is listed, this information must be accurate in order for the search engines to verify that your business is real and not a false business front. Yes, it will take time to track down, claim, and update all online listings for your business, but it will be time well spent. The number one reason for local rankings to drop is because a listing was “detected at a false business location,” and this is what happens if your NAP is incorrect. The third reason for dropping a ranking is a mismatched NAP.

Directory listing information. Realize the maximum potential of local directories. These directories allow you to fill in such information as hours of operation, prices, ratings or reviews, forms of payment, credentials, and more. While the NAP information is nearly always filled in, many businesses choose to skip the rest, saying it takes too long to fill it all in. Again, this would be time well spent. Your potential clients who search for you, DO look for this information, and every bit of additional information you add can slightly increase your ranking.

Social media usage. A conventional website is no longer required for a business to thrive, although it is still recommended. Social media has become prime real estate for business interaction with clients and potential clients, and especially for local SEO. Many people choose to look for businesses first on social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, UrbanSpoon, or other similar sites. When all the information is optimized on directories, a potential visitor can do a quick search and find out what others think, about how much to expect to pay, how convenient the location is, and whether or not it is currently open – with one simple result. This is very worth taking the time to provide.

There are other factors, as well, that can increase your ranking, using local SEO in Fremont, but taking care of these factors will give you a good start in the right direction.