Many people want their websites to rank high on search engines, and know that search engine optimization (SEO) in Livermore is the key to getting a better ranking. What some do not realize is that optimization and ranking are for certain keywords, and is not a universal thing. That is, if you have electronic widgets in Livermore, you are more likely to show up if your site is optimized for searches about electronic widgets in Livermore. It is less likely you would rank near the top for just electronic, just widgets, or just Livermore. And if someone searches for thingamabobs in Livermore, you will probably not rank for that at all, even if your widget is similar to their thingamabob.

Therefore, one of the most important parts of your SEO strategy is going to be choosing the right keywords. When search engine optimization was beginning, it was common to have short keywords. Now, it has become necessary to use “long-tail keywords” or keyword phrases. But how do you determine which phrases to use?

The first thing to do is to write your content. Don’t worry about keywords until after you have your good quality content available, because when you are focused on keywords, it is likely that your writing will be lower quality and unlikely to flow smoothly. Once you have your content, you can pull keywords from it, or you can use a tool like the Keyword Planner that Google offers. Scribe is another tool to help you both find your keywords and links that relate. Scribe also gives you reports about your content.

Your keywords are likely to have some competition, and the more popular the keywords are, the more competition you will have to rank highly on those. If you look for a related angle, but one that is more of a niche and less universal, you will be more likely to see the results you want.

You want to keep an eye on performance. Test your keywords by doing the searches. Look at your analytics, if they offer keyword search information, to see how people are finding you. Remember that the goal of your search engine optimization strategy is to bring in customers, not just curious passersby.

If you have specific keywords you want to see your site rank on, use them often, but naturally. It won’t help you to have the keywords just hanging out there – they must be an integral part of a high quality page.  Whatever your keywords, quality content is what will serve you best for search engine optimization for your Livermore business website.