Keywords: An Essential Element of Press Release Optimization

Keywords: An Essential Element of Press Release Optimization

Press releases aren’t just for the press anymore. Now it’s easy to post your news on the web for all to see. Still, with thousands of press releases issued on a daily basis how to ensure yours gets noticed?

You must optimize the release so it’s easily found and ranks high on search engines. Then your message reaches people right when they’re looking for what you have to offer.

Search engines use hundreds of variables to determine which items rise to the top. Among the most important factors to consider for press releases are keywords – what people type into a search box.

Finding the right keywords requires research. It’s a mistake to simply pick what’s most popular– there’s lots of competition for those words so it’s harder to pull out from the pack. You also want to come up with related terms of special interest to your clients and prospects to increase the chances of your release being found in search results.

Use the following to find optimum keywords:

  • Keyword tool services
  • Website analytics
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns

Generously mix favorable keywords into the text of your press release. Monitor results and use that information as part of your overall search engine optimization program.