Inbound Strategies for Mobile Apps

Inbound marketing uses such outlets as social media, audio and video releases, and others to advertise a company or product. When one has apps to which they want to draw attention, they need to focus on SEO. East Bay and surrounding areas need inbound marketing strategies for their customer base to increase and for traffic to the sites to download their apps to increase.

Mobile apps are becoming a large part of marketing. With over a billion smart phones currently in use, it stands to reason that apps for them are in demand, as well. Inbound marketing is going to be best applied with mobile apps on social media. The most common social media outlets on which to concentrate marketing strategies are Twitter and Facebook. While there are others, these two are the ones that currently reach the most people. Many people who use smart phones access Facebook and Twitter from their phones. Integrating logins for Facebook and Twitter into a mobile app are going to be a good way to get them noticed, especially when users begin to share their delight with the app.

Since many mobile users find their apps in the app store that relates to their device (iTunes for iPhones and Google Play for Android devices), it is important to make sure the app is in the app store with an optimized listing. Make sure the name is correct and appropriate, use an eye-catching icon, apply keywords that are likely to be used, and be sure the description is descriptive and comprehensive. A little humor in the description can be an asset, but be sure to avoid old, worn-out jokes.

Another excellent tool is word of mouth. When a customer is happy with an app, he or she will usually tell others about it. If the testimonial is on social media and includes a link to the app, it is sure to cause others to follow the link. If an app developer can encourage users to leave a ranking and review about the app, others will see it because people want to check out apps before they download them. This means people will look through reviews to be sure the app is one they want before purchasing it. The best way to encourage customers to leave a review on an app is to connect with them as soon as possible. There are ways to do this through the app itself. Communicating with clients improves a company’s reputation and makes people feel more connected and sometimes even invested in the product or company.

Remember that apps do not have to be based on the web and how it works. Use SEO in East Bay and in other areas to draw attention to the app, and to make sure people know how to find the app and share it with others.