Hummingbird Ranking Website on Google in Danville

Google recently released another search engine algorithm update, this time dubbed the Hummingbird. What does this release mean for ranking your website on Google in Danville? What most people with websites don’t know is that the Hummingbird has been ‘flying free’ for over a month. You may also be unaware that Hummingbird does not affect your SEO efforts if you have been careful to follow the changes recommended after the Panda and Penguin updates.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the method websites use to get noticed by search engines such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing. Google recommends creating unique, high-quality content that provides value for the reader’s time to get the most benefit from SEO efforts. With Hummingbird, however, Google hopes to be able to process content on your website in different ways that will provide better search results for those looking for information on the internet.

Google also recommends the continued use of relevant links to your website from other websites in your niche or area of expertise. The more high-quality links to your website, the better ranking your website on Google will see for Danville web pages. The only websites that will see, or would have seen their website ranking fall, are those that used duplicate content or low-quality links. Do what you know to do to – original content and high-quality links – and there shouldn’t be any problems with this or future Google updates.

Back to Hummingbird and what it means for your website. The goal of search engines is to provide the information a user wants, as quickly as possible so the user doesn’t have to wade through thousands of links that don’t pertain to the search topic. These new changes will make it easier for users to find your website, services or products especially if you have been following Google’s suggestions for linking and content for any length of time.

One report stated that the changes most notable with Hummingbird are the way search queries are processed by search engines. Rather than providing links based entirely on the individual words in the query, Hummingbird will look at the entire ‘question’ being posed and find the websites that will best provide the answers. Since the algorithms were already changed, and without fanfare or notice, Google believes up to 90% of searches performed in the last month have been affected.

The biggest change to come about from Hummingbird will not be to websites themselves. It will be for those who use search engines. While users may still search using short phrases, they will find that using longer phrases or questions will provide better quality search results. Chances are, with these new updates and the use of longer queries, the user will find few search results that will not pertain to their original query. These changes will also be helpful for those who use voice technology, via a smart phone or other technology, to receive adequate search results.

As a business attempting to increase ranking your website on Google in Danville, or anywhere in the Bay Area, it is important to use good SEO practices and continue to provide fresh, quality content to your website. When you follow this advice, the likelihood of your website being affected by any updates Google makes will be minimized.