How to Use a Blog to Engage Your Customers

Blogging is one of the most popular Internet marketing tools. It gives a company an identity and a “voice” to its clients and visitors. But like other web marketing tools, blogging takes patience — and some helpful tips — before you finally gain potential clients and manage to keep them engaged for the long term.

If you do have a blog but feel that your client’s engagement with your blog is below your expectations, then you arrive at the right place! Below are just a few valuable tips you can use to help your blog engage your potential customers.

  1. Show genuine enthusiasm about your topic
    If you don’t have genuine enthusiasm about what you speak about on your blog, the content will sound forced. As a result, customers won’t feel enthusiastic either. Why should they be thrilled about your product when you aren’t? If you really want to bring in clients and keep them engrossed in the long run, then you should believe that your product or service is worth engaging in.
  2. Never obscure your content
    What turns visitors off is the excessive amount of ads, pop-ups, etc., on a website. If you wonder why you receive very little engagement from your clients, it may be these obscurities prevent potential customers from visiting and spending time on your blog. Another problem of having too many ads is that it could slow down your blog’s load time. If this happens visitors will most likely abandon your blog and then turn to other sites that have fewer ads and more engaging content.
  3. Write about your target audience’s main interest
    Write a marketing blog with your target audience in mind, not yourself. It’s like you’re going to “sell” your blog to your audience so you must write things that will appeal most to them and cater their interests. This is true whether your audience consists of only of your readers or of actual clients.
  4. Include something in your blog that other blogs don’t have
    Business is all about standing out, and it’s no different for an online business. If you want to be noticed, and keep your audience constantly engaged, then share something fresh and unique that can’t be found on any other website. This tactic will result in many likes, shares, and links. Remember that people are constantly on the lookout for something new. If you have something new to share, do not hesitate to do it.
  5. Be more visual
    Let’s face it people are drawn more to images than to large amounts of text. So if you are writing something that requires specific visuals such as a chart, graph, photograph, screenshot, or video, include them in your post. Your visitors may not understand or not be able to visualize what you’re saying in your blog, but they may understand by looking at your images, screenshots, or videos.
  6. Interact with and be genuinely interested to your customers
    If you want to keep your customers and readers engaged, communicate with and display genuine interest towards them. Ask them questions about which information on your blog is the most useful to them. Don’t expect though, that all of their responses will be positive. Rather, choose the negative comments as an opportunity to address and fix site issues as well as handle grievances and criticisms from your clients.

These are a few tips to help you engage your customer on your blog. Bay Area Online Marketing can help with other suggestions, as well. Give them a call at (925) 736-5808 if you would like to see how they can help you.