How do Quality Links Help My Web Site?

How do Quality Links Help My Web Site?

At Bay Area Online Marketing, we focus on the Bay Area and cities like Danville, San Ramon, Pleasanton, Fremont and Walnut Creek. Because of this high tech area and the sophistication of businesses here, having quality back links is important to achieving high page ranking on the most popular search engines.

If you’ve spent any time marketing your business online, you may have heard the phrase “link building” but are unaware of what it is and how it can benefit your web site. Basically, link building is the process of using links from other web sites to your web site. In other words, a third party web site mentions content on your site and provides a link to it. This can also be accomplished by commenting on other web sites and including a link to your web site in the signature.

Link building, or obtaining back links, is a major part of building your web site’s search engine optimization plan. It is commonly used among web sites because they know how important those back links can be. Once search engines like Google and Yahoo begin noticing that your web site receives visitors through back links, it can increase your site’s page ranking as well as help your site become more popular.

While the goal of link building is to place company links on various web sites, it is vitally important that the links are quality. This means the company will devote time, focus and energy in placing their links intentionally. If you’re unsure of how to do this, Bay Area Online Marketing can help your company by either doing the research necessary to find quality links or training you to do so. The goal is to be creative in finding relevant web sites which rank well on the search engines to link with while following the regulations prescribed by the search engines.

There are a number of ways you can get quality links to your web site from third party sites. One of the easiest, and often most effective methods, is to visit a web site that is related to, but not in direct competition with your company’s site, and leave a relevant comment with a link to your site. Look for content where your product or service can offer a solution to their question and then link back to your site so the reader can get further information.

Be sure your comment isn’t considered “spammy” but is genuine and offers value so the readers will visit your web site to learn more. Along with your comment being genuine, it is also important that the comment and link are placed on sites which pertain to your keywords or keyword phrases. Being careful and specific about what you say in your comment and the quality of the link will do much more for your website than if you indiscriminately add comments and links to sites just to get the back link. Or worse, your efforts are seen as spam in the eyes of the search engines.

How do you avoid low quality link which will be penalized by Google and other search engines? These are ones which are from sites that are unrelated to your product or service. They could also come from a site with many outgoing links but none coming back to them. Too many sponsored links are also seen as low quality and should be avoided so your web site’s page ranking isn’t penalized.

You will also want to avoid link spamming which is acquiring links for low quality back links. Use social media sites such as Diigo, StumbleUpon, Google Plus posting, and Delicious to get solid back links. You can also use Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. When these sources are used, and linking is done properly, you will notice your Google and other search engine rankings improve dramatically. When learning about quality links and how they can help your web site, be sure to use a well-thought out strategy to ensure your web marketing plan is effective for your Danville business.