How Can I Leverage Blogging and Platforms like Tumblr, Blogger, and WordPress in my Marketing Program?

How Can I Leverage Blogging and Platforms like Tumblr, Blogger, and WordPress in my Marketing Program?

If you’ve spent any time on the internet, you know blogging is popular worldwide. Millions of people have them and millions of posts are added daily many with accompanying comments. Several blogging platforms have become the standard “go to” formats for online marketing because they are easy to use, can be optimized for SEO and can be published quickly and effectively. These blogging platforms include Tumblr, Blogger (which is owned by Google) and WordPress.

People may think that the only ones blogging these days are individuals who use blogging as a means to journals. They would be wrong. Businesses have set up blogs to raise the SEO value of their website and as a way to share important information with their readers. Once they’ve established their expertise, it can have a powerful impact on their business. Blogging takes more than simply writing a few articles. It takes commitment and good quality content that is also unique and added to the blog on a consistent basis.

To be effective writing blog posts, it is important to offer content that is both creative and focused on what will appeal to the reader. Having a specific plan for publishing posts is vital as well as being creative in how the posts are written to encourage readers to come back for the next blog post. It helps if you’re passionate about your topic, but that’s not enough. As the blog owner, you will need to interact with your readers to build rapport and answer questions they might have.

You understand the benefits of using search engine optimization for your business San Francisco Bay Area website, but did you know you can also use it on a business blog, as well? Blogging provides a way to offer quality content to a website whether in Danville, Fremont, San Ramon, Pleasanton or Walnut Creek. Use various keywords related to your website and services or products within the blog. Search engines and potential readers will find your blog and website much easier if you use longer keywords.

It is vital that the blog is updated regularly. New content not only keeps your readers’ interested but also the search engines. The more new content, laced naturally with targeted keywords, will cause search engines to recognize that the site is appealing and active. Each post also provides a new URL related to your website which helps it tremendously on search engines.

Developing a business blog can also provide organic backlinks to your business website which increases its ranking on the search engines. This is accomplished if the posts are good quality and able to build readers. Hopefully the readers will share the links on their own blogs, Facebook or Twitter accounts as well as other avenues which will show Google and other search engines that your website is popular. Commenting on other blogs or writing guest posts are other ways to build backlinks. The more links back to your website, the more authoritative your website will seem to search engines and in attracting new traffic to your site.

Even though it may seem that blogging is easy, which it can be, it is also imperative that you realize having a blog doesn’t guarantee it will be successful. Create a solid blogging strategy using one of the platforms mentioned above. Creativity and focusing on your readers is the key. Find the perfect niche community and promote your blog there in order to get quality links. You will notice that adding keywords and getting traffic to your blog on a regular basis and you’ll be on the way to leveraging blogging platforms such as Tumblr, Blogger and WordPress.