Five Common Mistakes Related to SEO in San Jose

Five Common Mistakes Related to SEO in San JoseYou’re ready to use SEO on your San Jose business site. You have your web site design in mind, and your content is outlined and ready for you to insert. You are determined to have the top ranking, so you want to do everything exactly right. You want to avoid the most common SEO mistakes, and that’s what brought you to this page. Consider the following so you can have the best possible results:

  1. Cater keywords to customers. People who are too worried about being completely unique may have clever terms chosen that describe their product or service in a unique manner, but if that isn’t what the customer is using to search, it may hurt your rankings. If you have a widget for sale and you named it “Thingamabob” – but your customers are looking for “widget” – then you won’t show up in their results. Keep in mind that you want your keywords to be what your customer is looking for or they won’t visit your site.
  2. Content is clearly accessible for crawlers. If a visitor cannot get to all parts of your site, neither will a search engine. What is even more critical is to have unfettered access. If a visitor to your site must click something, or have JavaScript enabled, or accept cookies, or log in – the search engine’s crawler will not have access to those pages because it cannot do any of those things. By having those roadblocks, you are effectively short-circuiting your entire SEO plan. Adding a site map that can be accessed easily from the landing page of your site may be one way to circumvent any individual pages that you need to have un-indexed, allowing all others to be found by the crawlers.
  3. Creative content is added continuously. When your site becomes old and stale, there is no reason for visitors to revisit. When you offer fresh content regularly, people will keep coming back to see what else is new. A blog can be useful for adding new content.
  4. Include keywords in content and links. Having unique and fresh content is a big thing, but without the proper keywords and phrases, your SEO strategy, San Jose, will fall flat. Whenever possible, you should include keywords in title tags, headings, alternate text for images, anchor text in links, and, of course, in the content on the page. When others link back to you, it is to your advantage if they, too, use your keywords in their link anchor text.
  5. Keep a check on key performance indicators (KPI). These will help you to know if your efforts are having the results you desire. Watch link traffic, errors, rankings, and more. Google Analytics can be a help with this, along with other webmaster tool options.

The best weapon in your SEO arsenal is knowledge. Now that you know what the most common mistakes in SEO for San Jose and other areas, you can avoid them completely.