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Diablo Solar Services, Inc.


I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the service you have provided Diablo Solar Services. We invested time and money to recently update our website. However, we didn’t understand how to drive potential clients to it. We also had no idea about how to monitor what was working and what wasn’t. I am approached everyday by web marketing companies but the WSI Internet marketing solution including SEO and PPC that you offered made the most sense to me.

The fact that you have different levels of service made it easy to “test the water”. With the first few successful months, it was an easy decision to increase our participation in the Internet marketing strategy and implementation plan devised by WSI.

With your professional services, you have taken care of:

  • Optimizing our website for localized keywords
  • Optimizing our website for localized keywords
  • Setting up local online listings
  • Set up and managing of pay-per-click campaigns
  • Managing email marketing with regular newsletters
  • Content marketing with ongoing blog and article writing
  • Campaign monitoring, review, result measurement and analytics

I know that some of the services WSI provides are available for no cost, like Google Analytics, for instance. Yet, we continue to use your services for a number of good reasons:

  • The value addition you offer in your monthly presentation enables us to make sense of charts, reports and fancy graphs.
  • More importantly, it helps us analyze and review our Internet marketing campaigns for overall performance.
  • You guide us on what changes we can make to improve effectiveness.
  • We are able to closely track our return on investment and are happy to see it steadily increasing.

I appreciate your advice and expertise as our web marketing expert and consider WSI a part of our strategic team.

Feel free to use my name as a reference.


Phil Deatsch
Diablo Solar Services, Inc.
Celebrating our 26th year