Danville Marketing with Squidoo

Have you had the results you wanted from internet marketing in Danville? If you are like many businesses that are marketing online, you may not have seen the results you’d hoped for. Social media marketing is one possible way to increase your internet marketing efforts because it allows you to connect with visitors to your website and to convey your message in a more personal manner.

You may be familiar with Facebook or Twitter, but have you considered using Squidoo? It may be one of the better free marketing options available. Continue reading to learn how to market your business using Squidoo which was founded by entrepreneur Seth Godin.

Squidoo allows users to create free “lenses” on any topic. Consider the different ways you could market your business services or products. It has been used successfully to promote business websites and is used by millions each year since 2005.

After you have created a Squidoo lens, you will notice the lens indexes on Google quickly. In fact, your targeted keyword may be indexed as soon as three days. If you have tried ranking your website on Google without much luck, adding a Squidoo lens might help. Squidoo is free to use and you may create as many lenses as you would like.

Creating a lens is easy to do even for those that feel computer challenged. Squidoo also offers several tools that will make affiliate marketing easier including eBay and Amazon. An RSS feed importer and YouTube tool are also included.

How can you promote your business on Squidoo? Consider placing an overview of your business on your lens including descriptions for products and services offered. You can post audio and video files if they pertain to your lens topic. Will photos help you explain your products? By all means, add them to your lens. Be sure to add your contact information including a physical address if you have a brick and mortar location, telephone number, email address and business website address. Be sure to use the same search engine optimization as you use on your business website.

Use your Squidoo lens to link to your business website or business blog. This will create the much-needed links if the Squidoo lens has quality content and pertains to your business. You also want to be sure to make your lens user-friendly and encourage visitors to your site to WANT to do business with you.

More and more businesses are making themselves known by using social networking. It is a valuable internet marketing tool that can have a huge impact on how a business comes across online. If you are looking for new ways to do internet marketing in Danville, a Squidoo lens may provide the avenue you seek.