Combining Your Social Media Efforts in the Bay Area

Combining Your Social Media Efforts in the Bay Area

For those who wish to enhance their Bay Area business, social media is one way you can do so. It is a much easier battle when you combine your social media efforts into short bursts throughout your day. This is easy for you to do taking Twitter, Facebook and your business blog and turning them into a one-stop shop for information about your business and its recent or upcoming news.

Implementation of social media is quite simple, especially for internet marketers. Whether you choose to use the formats already mentioned, or go the route of forums and podcasts, social media of any kind can and will grow your Bay Area business. It’s simply up to you to choose which ways you prefer to get your information out into the world and then come up with a plan to get it done. Regular, short posts are a good start for any business venture – whether you are planning on having a brick and mortar store, or stick primarily to online services.

Every social media site has the option of a profile page. The best way to spread the word about your business is by making sure all pertinent information is available on this page, allowing online viewers to learn exactly what you have to offer them. Be direct and informative about all aspects you can provide, as well as your specialties or major talents.

Once you have chosen which methods are best for your social media needs in the Bay Area, there are five points of action in order to best receive a positive outcome from those efforts.

  1. Strategy: What is your strategy for each particular social media platform going to be? Create for yourself a time table of how often each week you are going to post information on these sites and stick to it. Provide information that will keep your best possible customers informed. Write a blog post on your business site, tell people on Facebook that you’re writing a new post and what the topic is, and send a tweet out to your followers with a link to your new blog post. This enables you to keep your Bay Area clients best informed, no matter what their preferred platform is.
  2. Establish a Presence: This involves choosing the sites you plan to be a part of regularly. Making sure people know where to find you, and when, is a great plan for making your presence one your clients can count on. They will begin to look to you for their informational needs on all of the social media platforms you are a part of, and will do so to find Bay Area related content.
  3. Expanding Reach: This means finding your target audience. For those who work for or around the population of the Bay Area, it means targeting those people in that area to gain popularity and connections among the social media world. This is where your credibility comes into play, and it’s important to keep it professional.
  4. Nurturing Relationships: Once you have established social media relationships in the Bay Area, it is very important to keep them. Nurture those relationships and connections, and turn them into friendships. People will deal with people they know, and people they like.
  5. Maintaining Presence: Once you have developed your connections in the Bay Area, you need to make people understand that you’re there to stay. They must know they can turn to you for their needs, and they won’t feel that way if you don’t maintain a quality relationship with them. Keep to your schedule for social media, especially if you have made that schedule public. Now most people will understand that life gets in the way of business sometimes, and that’s fine. However, you will lose followers if you are consistently forgetting about posting to social media sites.

This may seem like a lot of work in the beginning, but soon this regimen will begin to flow easily, as you learn how to make the best out of your time and efforts by combining more than one method with the same social media message. Not only will your business prosper, but your Bay Area customers will show their loyalty to you as well.