Can RSS Feed Help Ranking Your Website on Google

Chances are you have been to a website or blog that offers a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed. You may have even signed up to receive updates. But can you use an RSS feed to help with ranking your website on Google for San Jose businesses?

If you are interested in using the RSS feature to help your website rank better, and increasing traffic to your website, continue reading. It is quite possible that this is one process that most of your competition does not understand or use.

Begin by creating an RSS feed for your business website. The format is pre-designated in order for the various RSS programs to be able to read the information and process the contents so your readers can receive it. In fact, the format is so standard it is possible for millions of programs to be able to read it via the internet.

Depending upon the program you are using for your website or blog, it is possible that the technology is built in. One such program is WordPress. Static websites can also use RSS scripts such as NewzCrawler, FeedDemon, Google Reader, Omea Reader, NewsGator online, Awasu, Blog Navigator or SharpReader. Many RSS readers are free to download or are inexpensive.

Once you have set up an RSS feed, you will also need access to an RSS Aggregator that receives information about your website content and the various changes that are made. The RSS aggregator lets website owners send their business website RSS feed for free.

Content submitted through the RSS feed enables the service to send out messages with a link back to your website. Sites with new content are “crawled” more often and result may be a higher ranking website on Google for San Jose businesses. The higher the website ranking on the search engines, the better chance your website will receive more visitors.

Another benefit of using an RSS feed for ranking your website on Google is that the feeds basically provide instant information in a particular theme. Be sure to use search engine optimization and keywords you want to rank for in the title and beginning text for the content. This information will be included in the RSS feed.

Besides having the content categorized and sent out quickly, which means better crawling by the search engine’s “spiders,” an RSS feed also promotes your website or blog without having to solicit the backlink. The more often you change the content on the website, the better the results will be.

Learning the best way to capitalize on a new-to-you technology will take some time. The effort is worth it if ranking your website on Google for San Jose businesses is important. It may take a while to learn the ins and outs of RSS feeds, but the return in new traffic to your website and higher ranking on search engines can make this a skill that sees major results.