Blogging as Part of a SEO Livermore Campaign

Business owners are beginning to see the wisdom behind blogging as part of their SEO Livermore campaigns. Why blog when they already have a business website? It’s simple. Blogging is a great tool for businesses to communicate on a less formal level.

One benefit of blogging over a company website is that a blog can do more than merely make announcements or share news. Blogging allows you to communicate and develop a relationship with your readers. Blogging also allows you to create a platform where readers can ask questions or leave comments and you can respond. Additionally, blogging helps build your credibility and helps others see you as an expert in your particular field. All in all, blogging is a tool that can do much to boost your business brand and recognition online.

Another benefit of having a business blog is how it can affect your website’s ranking on Google. You may know the importance of having your website rank at or near the top of Google’s search engine. How does adding SEO to Livermore blog posts help? If you will optimize the areas listed below, you can apply these same ideas to any blog post or article you might write and see an improvement in your website’s ranking.

Categories – Every blogging platform allows the blogger to separate their posts into categories or topics. These allow readers to find the posts they want to read on a particular topic rather than having to look through the entire blog. To optimize your categories, use keywords that are relevant to your website.

Title tags – There are actually two titles for your blog posts. The first is what the reader sees; the other is a title tag which allows you to add a search friendly title that will be crawled by the search engines. Maintain the same keywords you plan to use in the blog post and other optimized areas.

Keywords – Along with categorizing your blog posts, you can use SEO in Livermore to associate specific keywords with the post. These will be relevant to the blog post and should be added in a natural way. Look for plugins or other ways to customize your blog platform to allow you to add keywords if it is not already available.

Meta – The Meta description allows you to describe your blog post. When you create a description, be sure to use the same keywords that you used in the blog post itself. Remember that adding too many keywords, or keywords that sound stilted or unnatural, will be looked upon badly by search engines.

Pictures – If you haven’t been adding an image tag to any pictures on your blog, you’ve been missing a prime SEO location or Livermore blogging. Add a relevant keyword to the file name when the photo is saved to your computer, or use ‘save as’ to rename the photo before adding to the blog post.

Now that you understand the importance of using SEO in Livermore blog posts, you can use these same tips for every blog post you create on your business blog.