Bing and Yahoo SE Should I Worry about Them

Ranking a website on Google for Danville businesses or those in the surrounding Bay Area can seem impossible if you do not understand the tricks of search engine optimization. Most people consider Google as being the only search engine to be concerned with, but what about Bing and Yahoo search engines? Should you be concerned about them, as well?

When internet marketing and search engine optimization first began, it was easy to get a website to rank quickly. But, with well over 664 million websites (in 2012), it’s no wonder ranking a website on Google seems difficult. Even though Google does hold the “lion’s share” of searches on the internet, it might be too early to count Bing and Yahoo searches out, especially since the two have combined forces as the Yahoo Bing Network.

Google holds over 65% of the market for search engines and will return a higher percentage of search results when using search engine optimization. Danville and surrounding Bay Area businesses that understand SEO will use Google as their benchmark for ranking website on search engines. Google claims to use over 200 different parameters in order to rank pages.

The Yahoo Bing Network uses different algorithms to reach the same goal – relevant search results. It appears, at least for the time being, that Google will remain as the predominant search engine. This could change, however, as Microsoft is ready to take Google on and has committed to invest operating income to compete for search engine dominance. Some reports indicate they may invest up to $11 billion so they appear to be serious. Should Google be concerned? That remains to be seen.

More and more users have begun turning to Bing when searching the internet meaning Bing still has momentum on its side. Will this momentum continue? This is difficult to predict, but the fact it still has momentum may indicate Bing is here to stay.

There has been some indication that Google has been making changes to try to counteract Bing’s popularity. In fact, some believe Google users may be using the search engine giant more out of habit than out of loyalty. Let’s face it; some people will use Google simply because it is well known. Others will continue to use the search engine “underdogs” like Bing, Yahoo and others simply because they do not like Google for whatever reason, or because they want to “buck the system” and root for the underdog.

It also wouldn’t be wise to count Yahoo out too soon. There are some markets that Google seems to have overlooked. For instance, if users are searching for anything related to the Travel category, most users turn to Bing and Yahoo. In fact, 73 percent of searches for travel information are exclusive to the Yahoo Bing Network – you will not be able to find them at all on Google.
Some advertisers on the Yahoo Bing Network also feel they get better conversion results when compare to Google. The Yahoo Bing Network also does a better job when reaching audiences searching Telecom (82%), Automotive (76%), Business/Finance (70%) and Education (58%).

For businesses considering internet marketing in Danville and the Bay Area, depending upon your product or service, you may want to consider including the Yahoo Bing Network in your internet marketing strategy and not relying entirely upon Google to help ranking your website. Google may be the “king of the hill” at the moment, but it is obvious that by combining forces, Bing and Yahoo are eager to take the hill.