Beginners Tips for SEO in Pleasanton

Businesses use  search engine optimization (SEO) in Pleasanton in order to increase the chances of being found on search engines when people search for the business’s chosen keywords. While the concept is simple, implementation is not always as easy as one might hope. To help your business with SEO, we have some tips for those who are new to the practice.

  • Because the search engines keep changing their algorithms, it is necessary to keep up with current SEO strategies. Something that increased the ranking of your business page last year may be detrimental this year.
  • There is such a thing as “over optimizing.” Watch your keyword density, and make sure your pages look natural and are easily readable.
  • Remember that it takes time for your changes to affect your ranking. Even though Google’s spiders are constantly crawling the web and indexing pages, there are millions of pages to sort and index, which necessarily takes time. It could take weeks or even months to see appreciable change, even when you are doing everything right.
  • Do not believe it when someone offers you “guaranteed SEO results.” Nobody can guarantee your ranking in a search engine results list.
  • As always, make sure your content is excellent. Regardless what else you do, if your content is not good, people will not visit your site – and they definitely will not share it. Word of mouth is one of the best advertising methods ever.
  • Make sure your content is relevant to your business. Search engines attempt to return results to searchers that most closely relates to their search.
  •  Make your site user-friendly. Search engines need to find their way through your site to index it, and you will know that they can easily do that if your users can.
  • Responsive sites (those that are usable both on desktop computers and on mobile devices) rank higher than similar non-responsive sites in nearly every case.
  • Use the meta tags for TITLE and DESCRIPTION. The title is what shows up in search engine results as the title of your page, and the description is what most search engines display along with the title. If there is no description tag, search engines use the first 156 characters on your site, which may not be what users need to see to be encouraged to click through.
  • Make use of the ALT attribute in your image tags. Search engines do not “see” the images, but they do read the filename and alt text. You can use keywords within this text. More importantly, be sure the text appropriately describes the image.

Using these tips, and keeping an eye on your rankings and how they change will go a long way to getting your Pleasanton business site, through SEO in Pleasanton, into the ranking you desire.