Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate Marketing ProgramsMany San Francisco Bay Area businesses are considering adding an affiliate marketing program to their online marketing plan. This is a valid way to increase sales by leveraging the connections and work of others, namely affiliates. If your business sells a physical or digital product or service, affiliate marketing may be something to consider. If you’re unsure of how affiliate marketing works, keep reading to learn more.

Suppose your business sells a product or service online but the website doesn’t get the traffic you would like and sales have stalled. You know the product or service is something that would help others. Starting an affiliate marketing program might be just what you need to get the ball rolling. By offering affiliates a commission for promoting and selling your service or product, they do a good portion of the work and your business reaps the benefits.

Whom do you get to promote your product or service? Depending upon what you have to offer, those with a blog, Facebook or Twitter account often make the best affiliates. They trade their time to promote your product or service with the goal of earning income for each sale they make. It is a low-cost way to leverage other’s websites and networks all the while reaching people you may never have reached before. It is truly a win-win proposition for both parties.

Unless your business has someone on staff that understands and is experienced with setting up an affiliate network, it can be difficult to do. Fortunately, services are available online which will help you set up an affiliate program or will do all of the work for you. The process generally includes signing up for the affiliate program, setting up the banners, graphics and other materials necessary to promote your service or product, and then learning to track sales on your website which is then reported to the affiliate marketing company. Third party management handles the escrow account in case products are returned as well as pay out commissions. Many also offer directories that will list your company for potential partners.

Three of the most popular affiliate marketing services are:

  • Link Share – Rakuten LinkShare is a full-service online solution that is considered the leader among affiliate marketing companies. They understand affiliate marketing and will do their best to provide superior service and proven results.
  • Share A Sale – This trusted, third party organization catering to both affiliates and merchants. With over 2,500 merchant offerings, ShareASale boasts on-time payment and exemplary support.
  • Avant Link
  • Commission Junction is another popular affiliate marketing program. This option may be harder for those getting started with affiliate marketing for the first time.

Bay Area Online Marketing understands the benefit associated with affiliate marketing and would be glad to discuss how it can be used as part of your overall, comprehensive online marketing strategy. Whether your business is in Fremont, Danville, Walnut Creek, Pleasanton, San Ramon or one of the other cities in the San Francisco Bay Area, we’re available to speak with you today.