5 Reasons Why about Having Mobile Website

Does your company have a mobile website and use mobile SEO? If not, here are five reasons why you should be concerned about having a mobile website and being knowledgeable about mobile SEO. If your company wants to take advantage of the popularity of mobile devices, continue reading to learn more.

  1. How many people do you know that own smart phones (those that can access the internet) or use mobile devices such as tablets or netbooks? Chances are, each of those people chose that device because it gives them access to the internet away from home. In fact, there are an estimated 1 billion mobile web users worldwide. That number will continue to climb as technology makes further strides.
  2. If you DO have a mobile website, how does it look? If it does not look good on mobile devices, it may adversely affect your company’s credibility. People pay attention to details; this is especially true on mobile devices. Hiring an online marketing firm in Fremont or the surrounding area can ensure your mobile SEO is more effective.
  3. People are on the go these days. Some have long commutes to work each day and use mobile devices during their ride. 95% of mobile internet users will search for local information and that number is expected to increase. This reason in itself is a great reason for local companies to have a mobile website. Ensure users are able to locate your company by using mobile search engine optimization for maximum effectiveness.
  4. Having a mobile website allows your company to spread its wings and widen its opportunities. Since 9 of 10 people using mobile devices will take action based on their mobile internet searches, and many within one day, doesn’t it make sense to take advantage of this technology? If your company chooses not to have a mobile website, it will limit your opportunities and possibly affect your company’s profits.
  5. If you have already gone out of your way to create a mobile website, be sure you use it to its fullest rather than letting it go to waste. Here are other statistics to help you realize how effective a mobile website can be for your company:
    • 74% of people using smartphones have made a purchase with their smartphone.
    • 27% of those using this technology will make a purchase at a mobile website.
    • 59% mobile website visitors went on to visit the physical location of the business.
    • 36% who used a mobile website and visited the business ended up making an in-store purchase because of their mobile search.

    With statistics like these, can your company afford NOT to have a mobile website?

Many businesses have an online presence but having an actual mobile website using mobile SEO is different than simply having a business website. Mobile websites use the size of limitations of mobile devices to their advantage and have been optimized to make the most of the technology.