10 Tips for Successful Use of SEO in Walnut Creek

Search engine optimization (SEO) in Walnut Creek and other areas has become much more complicated than it was years ago. It will take more time to keep it up-to-date, especially as Google and other search engines continue to adjust and update their algorithms. Additionally, it is much more integrated into everything you do online than it used to be.

There are some things you can do to increase the results of your SEO efforts. Some of them are intuitive, but there may be some that you had not considered yet. Here are ten tips to better SEO:

  1. Understand your business. When you know your business and its objectives, you are better able to optimize your site to achieve the desired results. You will be able to create the content that will create interest for your viewers and answer questions for potential clients.
  2. Know your target audience. When you are writing content, or commissioning it to be written for you, be sure to keep your target audience in mind. Include information that will be useful for them. However, at the same time, remember that even those who are not your target audience can spread the word about your business if your content is appealing enough in general.
  3. Create linkable content. Your content should be kept fresh, but, at the same time, not time-limited. Adding fresh content regularly will keep visitors coming back; offering timeless content can increase your visitor base. Some types of content that are likely to be shared include ebooks, articles, videos, podcasts, and useful online tools.
  4. Keywords are key for SEO in Walnut Creek, or anywhere, really. Think of how your target audience might be looking for you, and use those keywords. However, be careful not to overdo them. A good balance is necessary in order for the content to sound natural and not gimmicky. Search engine optimization only serves its purpose when it is done well.
  5. Titles and ALT text should be used. Both search engines and vision-impaired people get their information about your links and images from the titles and alt text used within their tags. Links should have descriptive titles, as well as link text, to make it clear where they lead; this text should include a keyword or phrase whenever possible. Alt text for images should also be descriptive and include keywords when possible.
  6. A site map is essential. Without a sitemap, search engines (and visitors!) may be unable to find some of your content. On larger sites, this should be a separate page; on smaller sites, the navigation bar is usually sufficient, as long as all pages are included.
  7. Make sure the URLs on your site are descriptive. Having keywords in the URL (when possible) can also be helpful. For instance, if you sell widgets, including “widget” in the URL is wise. If a page is about the difference between purple and green widgets, using a URL like “purplevsgreenwidgets.html” can increase ranking on those keywords for that page.
  8. Multiple domains may be helpful. This may sound like a lot of trouble, but having specific domains for specific parts of your business can be helpful. These are sometimes called “mini-sites” and allow your business to have several listings on the search engines instead of only one.  Of course, you will want to keep fresh content on each mini site, as well as on your main website.
  9. Integration is important. Search engine optimization will help your site to be ranked nearer the top of the results, but integrating your website in everything you do will help more people to find your site. Mention your site in speeches, videos, and podcasts. Put the link in newsletters, ebooks, and print advertisements. Do not treat it like a separate entity – include it in everything.
  10. Use social media for marketing. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest can all be vehicles for marketing your business. Also, having reviews on Yelp and similar sites will help potential clients to find you. Be aware, however, that each social media platform you use will require time to keep it updated.

The best way to make sure your SEO for your Walnut Creek business is successful is to be involved in the process. This will help you ensure that great, quality content is being offered to your visitors. If you need assistance with achieving this, contact Bay Area Online Marketing.